Look at the video’s. The attacking force was very small. Only a few enemy entered the walled compound and the four people died from the fire, not from gunshots. Imagine if four U.S. Marines with automatic weapons were inside the building during the attack. They could have killed the attackers who used diesel fuel to start the fire which burned briefly. The smoke killed the four men.

Four marines. That’s all that was needed but a series of bunglers at the Department of State and the White House didn’t have the brains of a rabbit to figure out how to defend the consulate. Four Marines. A few machine gun bursts at nowhere in particular would have been sufficient to disperse the jihadi’s.

There were many other friendly people inside the consulate at the other buildings, who escaped injury that night. Ambassador Stevens and the three virtually unarmed defenders did not have to die. Four Marines. 

White House Bunglers. Obama, Biden and Hillary. Bungling Bastards.

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