To see a bully at work during an interview watch (Here).  Notice the finger pointing, the rude comments by the President as the interviewer attempts to focus on the question rather than the run-on response.

What’s frustrating to the President is different than the frustration caused by him to the viewers. Also frustrating to the viewers is the notion by the President that healthcare won’t change for the “vast majority of the people.” It changed for seniors who saw massive increases in their health care premiums in 2012. The Presidents remark was false as well as many other remarks such as “everyone’s read it” when everyone knows that most people including then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, did not read the 2,100 page Affordable Care Act. The act almost seems designed to be unreadable by most people because it is so huge thus frustrating many citizens who would like to read it but just don’t have the time or the intellectual stamina to wade thru the legal gibberish and the obfuscation.

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