The Supervisors raised “fees” for building/zoning permits for developers but developers pass along fees and all other costs to the homebuyers. A fee increase is not a broad-based tax that hits everyone. Those are bad enough. A fee increase is a disguised middle class tax increase because that’s who is the target and the victim. Economists call that Tax Incidence because the people who pay the tax are not the people upon whom it is levied. It’s a classic corrupt politician’s tax dodge. The person who pays the tax is the one who is at the end of the buying chain and that’s not the developer.

Of course they get away with the scams because of the Eat-The-Rich and Profit-Is-Evil mentality that’s been infused into the culture. It’s classic and job-killing Class Warefare that elevates Government, lowers the private real job creating culture and makes the public pay for more government. Northampton has job-killing down to a science.  

Tax Increases cost JOBS. All money taken by any government anywhere takes real profit making jobs from the nation and adds empty jobs to government. It’s Un-American and foreign jobs become more competitive which obviously takes even more American jobs.  

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