Governor Romney and a Democrat controlled, hostile legislature, were able to work together more than any American President. In sharp contrast, President Obama, the worst but most powerful American President, most powerful because of his total control of government, the control that provided him with total power over the laws. Obama has been able to rule as a tyrant and he did. Obama had no need to cooperate with the opposition. His tyrannical presidency has ignored the opposition Republicans.

Obama cannot cooperate but that misses the essence of cooperation, the desire to cooperate. Obama doesn’t like Republicans and he’s been able to ignore them. He became the worst President in American history because partly because there was no balance in the Legislature. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid ruled America. Romney on the other hand was able to persuade the opposition to cooperate with him on over one hundred of the bills he vetoed. Over a hundred, (137) of his veto’s were supported by the Democrat controlled Massachusetts Legislature. A remarkable feat.  Check Obama’s record of reaching across the aisle. It’s zero. As a four year Governor, Romney had more of his veto’s sustained by a hostile legislature than any President. Romney’s record of working with the opposition is far ahead of not only Obama but every American President.

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