So wrote a former staffer of now Vice President Joe Biden in an angry tell-all new book that exposes loads about the inner workings of Political Washington D.C. Author Joe Connaughton called Biden and Obama: “Financially Illiterate”. He also wrote that Biden is an “egomaniacal autocrat” who was “determined to manage his staff through fear.” That’s the common attribute of every tyrant and would be tyrant.

Party Politics demands blind loyalty. There is no room for dissent when it comes to insider politics. Connaughton describes how the system works and it’s ugly. Biden told an impassioned, loyal staffer who got into a car and told Biden it’s time to do fundraising telephone calls to “Get the f**k out of the car.” Connaughton was told “Biden disappoints everyone. He’s and equal opportunity dissapointer”: that “Biden was not interested in helping those who had been loyal to him; and that his ambitions were mainly about himself.”

Misplaced, blind loyalty is the major weakness of big institutions and it’s true about Joe Biden as we saw in the Vice Presidential debate where Biden boldly and constantly lied in his answers while emphasing and insisting his answers were true. they were way past simply incorrect. Biden entire life has been a fraud on the public. Blind loyalty explains why institutions escape consequences when they are incredibly wrong.

So long as people are blind to the defects and problems of the political party in which they register, they will support that party whether it’s right or wrong; when it’s dishonest; when it breaks the rules and breaks the laws, even when they are ignored and their work goes unrecognized and unrewarded.

Those injustices and the excuses rank and file people in the party make on behalf of the political tyrants in the name of being loyal are the reasons the pedophile churches and the pedophiles inside the Boy Scouts go unpunished and remain at large. That’s part of the reason the Tea Parties sprung into existence. Justice must eventually be served but for the people who control the politiccal parties it just isn’t true. Joe Biden became President because of blind loyalty. Justice remains to be served. Biden deserves to lose the election.

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