Things often multiply after the first exposure. The lopsided second Presidential Debate hosted by Candy Crowley, (lopsided because she and Obama interrupted Governor Romney more than 60 cycle electricities switch rate), … at first glance went to Obama. After the facts were checked however Obama and Crowley were eating crow because of the false claims by the soon to be ex-president. In the end Romney did better. He had more facts and they were accurate. Obama had the opposite.

Then Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria made several vulgar references to Romney and people who vote for him. She slid off the front pages.

The false narrative is coming out about the Obama Claim and the Crowley Verification that the President called the Benghazi attack an act of terror the next day in the Rose Garden. Turned out Crowley had to admit she was wrong but she never apologized for her part in the false claim. Obama still insists he knew it was an act of terror but we know he kept blaining it on a video. His address to the United Nations explained it was the video that caused the “Spontaneous Uprising” He and various members of his staff and adminstration were still blaming the video a month after the attack. Their narrative is now that they must investigate, find those responsible and bring them to justice. That misses the point about the President not admitting Benghazi was a terrorist attack because of his narrative that al-Quida was on the run. That’s false and it’s what is driving the false narrative and blaming it on a video.

Vice President Joe Biden was asking people who had relatives killed in America’s war with Iran to raise their hands. Senator Harry Reid, who Rush called Dingy Harry, raised his hand. America never went to war in Iran.

Whoopie Goldberg tried to put down the Romney’s religion and to paint Romney as a coward for not joining the military but that blew up in her face.

The Obama Presidency is drawing to a close. President Obama should be trying to improve his image but things keep getting worse for him because his campaign has been so seedy. He’s probably not going to stop the descent and that’s too bad. It’s always difficult to watch someone self-destructing.

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