If Obama wins a second term America loses Second Amendment protections. He was not fooling around when he looked down on people who cling to their guns. He will be worse for America, worse for the Second Amendment, the Constitution, the Rule Of Law and gun owners in a second term. Forbes Magazine published the reasons. Here’s a quick summary:  

  1. Obama hates private citizen ownership of guns
  2. Fast and Furious is a propaganda campaign against private guns
  3. Anti-Gun Supreme Court judges will further undermine the Right to Private Guns
  4. Justices Kagan,  Sotomayor, Breyer and Ginsburg are vivid Anti-Gun Judges. Obama’s re-election will give him the power to appoint more Anti-Gun Judges and an Anti-Gun Majority.
  5. Many Constitutional End Runs by Obama
  6. With Nothing to Stop Him, No more Mr. Nice guy

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