Governor Romney in May of this year said that “Obama is a debt and spending inferno”. Liberal Time magazine wrote: “But as his first term, and perhaps his presidency, draws to a close, Obama has  failed to explain why he believes that, despite this sharp economic slowdown and  a painfully slow recovery, market-driven capitalism is essential to the  restoration of America’s economic dynamism and vital to its future.” (Here).

Even Left wing Liberal socialism supporting Time Magazine knows Capitalism is worth defending but they defend it wrongly on the basis that it “has generated prosperity”. It has but that’s not why Capitalism is good, meaning a value meaning part of a moral code.

Capitalism is the result of a rule of law plus Liberty. Liberty is a moral value meaning it is an end in itself. Capitalism requires a free market, meaning free of coercion, threats and especially free of government interference. Obama does not respect that. He’s an interfering inferno in addition to being an economic one. He spends other people money, not because he’s a socialist ~ which he is; he spends your money because he never reached an understanding of a market, let alone a free market.

Obama is also a regulating inferno. There’s no chance at all that he will ever defend a non-regulated market. He said –  to enthusiastic applause showing the lack of understanding of too many people, that “the founders concept of a capitalist society doesn’t work, and the risks of liberty are too great. It’s bigger government that’s needed.” He doesn’t grasp Liberty which causes him to argue against markets and in favor of more government, meaning force in trade.

A regulated market is not a market but merely the enforcement of approved trades. A market that’s regulated cannot be called: “a free but regulated market.” That can’t exist. It’s like a cold fire or hot ice. Markets cannot be partly regulated because the poison of regulation will suffuse the market. Just because there seems to be some freedom doesn’t mean regulated trades are free. 

The market, meaning a free market is a requirement of a free culture. Each individual is free by their nature. Their unique, individual mind will not function in a tyranny. The nature of a person contains Liberty. The protection of that unique, individual Liberty is why governments are created. Government must stifle thought to regulate economic behavior. That’s why freedom to trade according to their nature is the moral basis of a market. A free market is a redundancy. There is no other kind of market. A market that is not free is a regulated series of trades. That’s the basis of Socialism, communism, fascism and totalitarianism, meaning total control of trade which is whate every type of regulation will eventually require and where controlled economies must lead. It’s why Obama’s failure to support the market in medicine is immoral and why citizens , doctors, nurses, hospitals and drug manufacturers must be forced into Obamacare.  

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