Obama loves the United Nations. He paid over half a billion dollars of money previous presidents refused to pay. They had good reasons but Obama is infatuated by his statesman like dreams so he imagines himself leading the world. He needs a worldwide organization to lead so the U.N. fits his plans.

But the U.N. wants to tax the internet. Obama is OK with that. Taxing the Internet is like the U.N. taxing T.V. signals only worse because the Internet is much more important. The U.N. wants to tax the Internet so it can control it. Taxing the Internet means government has to know that you are using it so it can calculate the tax. Knowing what you doing on the Internet is worse than knowing what you are doing in your home. Or in your bedroom. Those places and that information is forbidden by the Fourth Amendment. Of course a lot of what Obama has dome is forbidden by the Constitution so Fourth Amendment violations won’t cause him to lose sleep. It us Internet users who will lose sleep as government cracks down on the Internet.

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