Jun 142018

Melinda Gates is more than a little nutty. She “bashed ‘white guys,'” and vowed to favor women and people of color in her investment choices. What about White Woman, Melinda? Are they part of your invented problems or do they escape because they aren’t males?

“White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it”:
“White men must be stopped”? What precisely does that mean? Stopped from what? Working? Driving? Skiing?
Pseudo-Intellectuals and pseudo-academics invented an artificial, political construct.
Political constructs confer power on those who dream them up. For politics is the predatory process through which the figment of sick minds is weaponized.
In defense of their world salads, our ideological overlords never argue or prove their case. They simply assert it.
Clever catchphrases such as “white privilege” create political reality, they don’t reflect it.
By banging on about systemic racism and the evils of whiteness, the lunatics running the country’s academic and corporate asylums indoctrinate the dumb and terrorize deviationists.
Here in the US, these sub-intelligent assaults on the identity of Europeans, Caucasians, melanin-deficient men—whatever you wish to call the majority that founded America—is being institutionalized.