BenghaziGate. It’s looking worse by the hour for President Obama. It’s a coverup. There’s no denying that any more. We heard Obama claim he called the Benghazi Terror Attack a terror attack on Septenber 12, 2012 in the Rose Garden. We know that wasn’t true then so it’s not true now. He Pinnochioed his 9/11/12 mis-statement during the 10/16 debate. Then we remember he addressed the U.N. 14 days after 9/11/12 and six times in his speech blamed the terror attack on a video. Six Times. So he’s either covering up what he said on 9/11/12 in the Rose Garden or he’s covering up what he said on Sept 24 at the U.N. He’s covering up something. He sent Susan Rice around to five T.V. shows on Sept 16 to tell America a video caused the attacks, –  that the attacks were spontaneous; that the attacks were not planned, so the President could not be blamed for a spontaneous riot. All that was false.

Also, there were a dozen attacks in Benghazi prior to 9/11/12 including an attempt on the British ambassador in June. The 9/11/12 attack was not “spontaneous” but the result of a plan to attack the consulate. That info is all over the internet but the White House seems not to know that.

Poor Hillary is trying to take the blame for the murder by saying she was responsible for security in Benghazi but we know security was cut back because of the budget. Those bucks stop at the White House.

The first issue is was the attack planned? Yes. How do we know that? Because of the weapons used by the terrorists. Obama is trying desperately to deny his responsibility for the terror attack by switching the subject to saying he is waiting to confirm if it was spontaneous meaning he is not denying it was planned, he’s just continuing to say it was spontaneous. Lying about Watergate brought down Richard Nixon who was elected in a landslide then forced to step down. The timing of BenghaziGate is eerily similiar to Watergate. If Obama is re-elected, as Nixon was, BenghaziGate has the potential to cause Obama to resign or be impeached. Lying is not a crime but fraud is. Fraud is the intentional intent to deceive by making a false statement that is relied upon as true by the victim/voter to cause them to mis-cast their vote. Obama repeatedly mis-informed voters to get their votes. That’s fraud. The value of a vote in a free culture is almost immeasurable so the injury to a voter by them mis-casting their vote makes the defrauding of votes more important than defrauding people of money or property.  The value is basically too big to calculate so the size of voter fraud is too high to calculate in dollars. Re-elect him to be President? Hhurmph. He should quit while he’s ahead. If he’s re-elected he won’t be able to do much because Washington will go after him on BenghaziGate. In effect he will not be President or he will be an impotent President. It’s heads he doesn’t win, tails he loses.

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