“Selling” protection is the most common form of running a racket. Those who engage in racketeering demand money in exchange for a service. A monthly fee is demanded for the protection, say of your health. The payment to the racketeer is not optional. If the fee is not paid, punishment occurs. The punishment can be in the form of a large fine to encourge you to buy healthcare. The basis of a racket is the use of force to avoid damage to your property, in this case, to your money if you do not do what the racketeer demands. Like not to buy healthcare.  

Obamacare fits the definition of RICO. Racketeer Influenced Crime Organization. The definition is simple. A group of people who engage in several violations over ten years. In the case of Obamacare it’s in the three hundred million violations of the Liberty and freedom of 3oo million people.

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