The 2nd 2012 Presidential debate was successfuly rigged by the Liberal Left Wing. Their disciple, Mz. “Candy”: shut-up Mitt Romney on numberous occasions; clearly sided with Obama; gave Obama almost ten percent (10%) more time to attack Romney and to lie about Obama’s lousy record. Candy even helped Obama by confirming his whopper falsely blaming, not Obama’s disasterous foreign policies and his vivid anti-Americanism, but blaming the so-called “offensive video” for causing the Benghazi murders. That has the effect of letting Obama’s horrible foreign policy off the hook. 

Incredibly, un-believably, Obama outright lied  that Benghazi was not an act of terror. Candy confirmed Obama’s lie. The so-called independent audience gleefully applauded in clear biased support against Romney, confirming the fix was in. Michelle Obama broke the “No Clapping” rule and started the partisan applause. 

Obama’s lie was: “Obama called the terror attack a terror attack the day after the terror attack.” He did not. He absolutely did not. The day after the attack, he said only this:  “No acts of terror will ever  shake the resolve of this great nation,  alter that character or eclipse the  light of the values that we stand  for.” It took another two weeks before the  White House would label the attack an act of terror. 
Obama was talking  about bringing spontaneous rioters to justice, not about Terror, a Terrorist Attack  nor about the nature of the planned 9/11 Benghazi attack complete with RPG’s, grenades and assault weapons. He even re-told his lie to the United Nations  on September 25, two full weeks after the Terrorist attacks in Benghazi where he repeated six (6) times that he was blaming the assassinations on a video. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong Mr. President. Wrong Candy. Bad Candy. Bad Mr. President.

Obama can get it correct as he did in a 2006 speech before he was President however his actions as President show he was lying in 2006. Obama mislead everyone in 2006 when he said:  “Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal rather than religion-specific values…Politics depends on our ability to persuade each other of common aims based on a common reality…

At some fundamental level, religion doesn’t allow for compromise…We all know the story of Abraham and Isaac…now we know things worked out…but it’s fair to say that if any of us leaving this church saw Abraham on the roof of a building raising his knife we would at the very least call the police and expect the department of family services to take Isaac away from Abraham. We would do so because we don’t hear what Abraham hears…the best we can do is to act in accordance with those things we all hear and all see.”

But that Obama is gone. Covered with lies and Candy admitted she was wrong but it was a hollow admission because she clings to her Left Wing Biases and she blamed Romney for using a wrong word. Obama’s core belief’s are secret but we can get glimpses like we did during the debates. He’s smart, shifty, evasive, 100% political 0% honest and Obama has been the worst American President. All the candy in the world can’t help.

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