Big Government can kill you. Seriously, Obamacare’s “Death Panels, called The Independent Payment Advisory Board, the 15 person group that decides what will not be paid for which is a way to deny medical care by denying the payment and Obamacare punishes doctors who disobey with fines then jail. That’s a Death Panel. That’s a panel who can and will cause earlier deaths. That panel reminds me of Auschwitz and Dachau where doctors decided who did not get medical care.

Government is against private markets. The Federal Government has become a great economic danger to America. Obama probably wants to take over the Food Industry next, like Mayor Bloomberg took over the soda market in Manhatten. So much for the idea that America has no dictators.

The take-over of our doctors and drugs may be followed by the takeover of our farmers and farms. That’s what was done in the former Soviet Union, done by a private market hating government so do not say “it can’t happen here” because it just did with ObamaCare.

ObamaCare is a tyranny that happened in America. That’s one major reason Obama does not deserve a second term. There are other reasons like the American “Apologize and Appease” foreign policy that was a massive failure but only four people died on 9/11 2012. Many seniors are being denied needed medical care because the Federal Government want’s to “save money not lives”. That’s how they do it in Cuba, China, the former Soviet Union and because of Obama, that’s how it’s done in America.

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