The unbelievably bad performance at the debate by Joe Biden just doomed Obama’s Presidency. Conventional wisdom says the VP debate never changes people’s minds but this one was so bad for the VP that it changed the rule. Biden just got Obama fired.

Obama did that himself in the first debate but there is time for Obama to recover because there are two more Presidential debates to go but it’s no longer a matter of the time available but the Vice Presidential candidate. Obama cannot recover with Biden on the ballot. Between Obama and Biden they just wrecked the Democratic parties chance of winning. Obama had numerous chances to replace Biden but he didn’t. That goes to the bad judgment of Obama. He kept a lunatic as the VP candidate. Sic Transit Gloria.

It’s not polite to call the VP a lunatic but in this case truth is far more important. It’s not a matter of manners but of recognizing the reality of what’s going on here. The word and the label are identified by Wikipedia as: “Lunatic” is an informal term referring to people who are considered mentally ill, dangerous, foolish or unpredictable;… point made – Case Closed

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