Maniacial. Rope-A-Dope, with emphasis on Dope; Hyper-caffinated, a kind way to describe a manical break with reality, the classic identification of a psychotic break. All those and more were on display by Joe Biden who showed he is no longer fit to be the Vice President. He’s led a fake life in the sense of evading the consequences of his actions, a diabolical type of getting away with his mis-behaviors. Americans are a forgiving people but Joe went so far overboard in a bad way that he is beyond rescue so far as being Vice President. The VP needs to be of sound mind. Joe’s unsound mentation was protected by the liberal bubble. The left-wing support is dwindling as the reality of what we saw sinks into the national psyche. He should step down and The Speaker Of The House should step up as the Vice President. We shouldn’t be inflicted with Biden as Vice President. Lets not be the fools who keep Biden as a symbol of foolishness. 

Biden did this all on his own. He either gave up the Vice Presidency unwittingly with his crazy performance or he did it deliberty, perhaps to make Obama seem milder by comparison, but Joe did this by himself and to himself. Lets not let him do it to us. He needs help. He needs counseling. He needs medication but we don’t need him. 

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