Evil exists. It’s usually hard to identify evil as an attribute of a person because it’s submerged and inaccessable deep within the sub-conscious but in the case of Vice President Biden it was revealed during the debate against Congressman Paul Ryan.  Biden lied. Then he pushed the lie as “Fact”. He pushed “Facts” when he knew they was wrong. Lied, lied again, knew he was lying and he kept lying. His performance was televised and seen by 10 million people. See ten of his whoppers (here). Some knew he was lying but others believed him because he was the Vice President and they believe the Vice President tells the truth. Other’s believed him because he was a Democrat and they are loyal to the Democratic party. Yet others believed him because he is Roman Catholic and they know Roman Catholics try to tell the truth because they are commanded to tell the truth even if it hurts themselves because they believe lying is a sin against the Ninth Commandment. Sins are serious for those who believe in the Ten Commandmants because people who sin during their lives might not enter heaven. Unfortunately for Joe Biden he is a dipsy-doodle Roman Catholic who is living in defiance of the Catholic Bishops of America who are the judges of Catholicism who condemned Biden’s statements as completely wrong. (Here).   

But the Commandments are silent about life-long serial liars like Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been lying and has been caught lying over many years. He gets away with lying because he has a forceful personality; because he seems to be a nice guy; because he is religious and because he is registered Democrat. So people who call Joe Biden a Liar are subject to hate. The whistle-blower laws are aimed at protecting people who reveal liars. The idea of Justice combined with the idea of Individual Rights combined with the idea of a Constitution written to force government to protect rights are written elements of the Law that make it safe to express the idea that the Roman Catholic Democrat Vice President is a serial Liar, therefore a danger to people, therfore evil. Not nice to say it but even worse to be it but unfortunately for us, it’s correct.

Debate Transcript Here.

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