The Bucks County Comprehensive Plan follows Obama’s plan to reduce roads, increase your use of a bicycle to travel, stop single home construction, force you to walk between floors in an apartment building where you will work and shop and make you follow the mandates of the United Nations. Yeah, sounds crazy because it is crazy and it’s 100% backed by Obama. Proof? Go read the Bucks Plan with the above points in mind. Look around at the traffic jams that get worse in Bucks County with no plan to improve a single road. Look at the bike path plans. One was just proposed in Holland but because of the good sense of the Rose – Rothermel – Cunningham one vote majority it was rejected but Obama’s plans have been insinuated into Bucks County so expect more bike path’s, fewer good roads and longer waits to get thru Holland, Richboro and Street Road.

Dick Morris wrote on this recently in his latest book,  “Here ComeThe Black Helicopters”, referring to the United Nations Agenda that is already in Bucks County. Obama has made things worse in America and if he is re-elected he will continue to work destroy more freedom in America. See more HERE.

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