“The Rich” as a class are constantly attacked by President Obama. Even though his 2009 income was over $5 Million, he wants the rich “to contribute their fair share”. that’s government speak for class division. Marx became successful by splitting the people into two groups then getting the larger group mad as hell at the smaller group. He wasn’t specific about who belonged to the rich group, just that they “exploited” everyone else. That explains the near hysteria of The Left to condemn the rich and to lie to the non-rich that they are not rich because the rich stole money from them. But all the promises to make the non-rich rich fail. The poor and the middle class are easily tricked by propaganda into believing their mostly government caused non-richness is not because of the government failures but because of the rich. Until Mitt Romney started to expose the false teachings of the Left, the non-rich believed the lies and voted for the Left. That’s changing. The Left has no plan to provide jobs except “Empty Jobs” to pay people for doing  unecessary jobs. That’s how Obama succeded. Community Organizing is about getting government to provide money for un-necessary work or even no work at all. Obama succeded because he divided Americans and let them fight each other. Now that his schemes are being revealed we can try to unite America and move it once again lead the world because of Liberty, not fall behind as America has fallen since Obama became President.

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