Obama sort of blew apart during the debate, a combination of his lack of depth on the issues and the skill set of Mitt Romney. Even some of the 47% agree Romney won the debate. Many Obama supporters told poll takers they changed to Romney. It’s easy to understand by anyone who evaluated the candidates based on their comments. Many people were surprised by Obama’s performance. Romney had better, deeper answers to the questions. Obama did his best but it wasn’t nearly good enough.

Obama is a smart, highly educated, well practiced attorney, used to arguing in front of a crowd. His oratory skills are clearly among the best ever. People like Obama. They seem to have always liked him. He had amazing success but the debate showed something else. Unfortunately for him, the world was watching as Romney showed what a chairman of the board looks and sounds like. Romney is far above most people in his abilities for public office. It was time for him to show people who he is and what he is about. What he is is a realist. He’s rational, and concerned about the direction of America. That’s why Romney won the debate over Obama. The world seemed to exhale as they sensed things will get better with Romney. Romney is the real deal.

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