Caught between a life of being told that Group Rights are better than Individual Rights, and the current wave of being bribed, bought out and infiltrated by International Forces like George Soros and his funding for “foundations” like …ACORN, …TIDES, …LA RAZA, …HUFFINGTON POST  and the big player for the left, NPR, the left is caught in the spotlight with both hands in the cookie jar. The end result will be the destruction of the American Culture and the unique American basis for Government. That’s what Soros has been funding. That’s the objective of the Left.

George Soros is the easiest way to understand the basis for the drive to destroy American Values. Here’s a link to some of the interconnections that Soros has engineered.

Here’s a list of the connections between the “Drive-by Bought and Paid For Media and the Democrats. 




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