The Constitution is supposed to limit the power of the Federal government. Obama has constantly broken those limits more than any other President in my memory. He went into Tyranny with a memo sent by the White House Office of Management and Budget last week saying the government would cover the costs of any contractors that might face legal trouble if they have to lay off workers due to across-the-board spending cuts that kick in Jan. 2. (Here)

That guidance satisfied defense giant Lockheed Martin Corp., which said Tuesday it would not send notices telling workers they could lose their jobs if Congress can’t find a way to prevent the automatic cuts, known as sequestration. This is simply a dictatorial presumption of ungranted powers by the Executive Branch.

OK, we know there is no penalty when the President violates the Constitution. That’s just the way it is. It’s wrong but we do not have the resources to prosecute the government nor do we have the money to sue Lockheed Martin who pimped for Obama and went along with what is nothing but a bribe.¬†Government won’t help because government is breaking the law. Elected Officials do not have the political courage to prosecute the Tyrants in the White House and the rest of the present adminstration. Redress is futile.

But this is America. We don’t have to keep quiet. We can at least complain even if it’s as ineffective as banging on the bars of the cell. That tells them that we are here, we’re in your face, and we know what you did.

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