Americans are comfortable with race, having gone through the cleansing fire of self-discovery starting with early attempts to eradicate slavery and especially with the Civil War. Yet in a 2007 video that was not reported by the press, (A cleansed transcript was reported, not Obama’s actual remarks ) Obama is seen and heard repeatedly driving the race dagger into his unwitting black audience.

Obama used lots of code words to falsely ingratiate himself to Black America. That’s really an insult to them and it’s partly due to Obama’s mixed and therefore conflicted heritage. He is, after all, half white. He displays different faces when talking to all other groups. Nothing unusual about using a targeted message to, say, the NRA where the topic is guns or to doctors where the topics are medical. But Obama stepped over the line using the color of the skin of his audience to troll for votes. That’s wrong. It under-values and demeans his audience; blacks/African-Americans have loads on intellectual ability(s) and do not need pandering to because of the color of their skin, expecially by a cheap imitation of a concerned candidate. It’s immoral. It’s un-American but it’s candid. Obama’s guard was down during his 2007 speech and the Left has been covering it up as they continue to cover-up Obama’s other wrong behaviors.

Sean Hannity disagreed with Juan Williams about the real Obama. Williams excused Obama but didn’t deny the pandering. The story is all over the internet but the mainstream media is studiously ignoring it. The media are Obama’s secret cheerleaders, helping him because of, …….. because of what? What attributes cause the media to treat Obama as though he walks on water? Simple, really, – they are fellow travelers in wanting to crush America and replace it with the 21st century version of the 7th century before the white races colonized North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Indonesia and before America emerged as the first moral nation in history.  

The 2007 race-bomb-throwing by Obama is calculated to inflame his black audience into blaming whites for their situations. Obama has to lie to mention those situations, re-opening closed wounds from the past and falsely saying those attitudes still exist in the hearts and minds of white people. It’s the racial double whammy. Hate whites and devalue blacks. False, but effective because people give the President the benefit of the doubt. Obama trades on that, using the trust of the Presidency built up by previous American Presidents. Openly lying about the racial divide betrays America. It’s not the way Obama talks in front of other audiences. He denies being racist but he uses the color of their skin to betray American blacks. …he is seen and heard telling a predominantly black audience something very clear. “The federal government doesn’t like you because you are black.” That’s immoral.

The Left, the Marx and Obama adoring sycophatic  apple-polishers, those pygmy belzebub’s are fixated on the saintliness of Obama. They decided long ago to ignore his hidden personality traits, like his affinity for communists, his re-distributionist drives, his support of the Middle East except for Israel, a country he understands as the enemy of his friends, his 20 year long support of Rev. Wright, his betrayal of Ambassador Stevens who was assassinated by Obama’s unindicted co-conspirators, …. Look. If he helps the terrorists by ignoring their roles in the 20 attacks on American embassies on 9/11 he is in league with them, opposed to Israel, opposed to the West and thereby opposed to America and our inspired goodness. 

Obama is lying when he addresses white and Hispanic audiences if he is telling the truth to the black audience in 2007. No one denies he told the truth in 2007. Even the kooky Left who wrongly claim Obama “is revealing his secret plan to be way more black than he seems to you now” don’t deny his 2007 ideas. Why do they continue to lie for Obama?

Obama cannot have it both ways. The Left should not hold opposing moral ideas. It’s either integrate or stay separate. Obama cannot be the enemy of whites and hold the moral high ground. It’s either he integrates America or he continues to try to separate us but regardless of what he does, this is still America. We understand race and we oppose racism. We decided that long ago. The American Civil War still holds the record for total dead and wounded. Even WWII did not surpass the Civil War in American Casualties, especially when the percent of the total population is considered. The Civil War was six times worse for Americans than WWII. Obama should take that into consideration when he speaks to us. Even when he addresses black Americans, even though he considers himself black, even though his mother was white, he needs to step into the solution, not continue his hatred and hate speech. And the Left should help him understand his mission rather than feed his bigotry.

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