Oct 2, 2012 Harrisburg PA: Michelle Malkin did her usual political dazzle to a large crowd in the Capital Rotundra of people who want the federal government to keep their hands off health care. While it’s too late for that, the message is to stop the bleeding by voting out Obama. The theory is he caused the meltdown in healthcare in America so he has to be replaced before healthcare can return to the free market. Since Lyndon Johnston passed his so-called Great Society programs in 1964, health care costs have skyrocked. Many people face financial ruin when presented with the bill for a major operation. A recent 2 hour visit to the St. Mary Emergency room for a kidney stone —  diagnosis, — not treatment, just the diagnosis, was $5,700.00. The problem of prices in a government controlled health care program is there’s no upper limit.

So, long story short, the crowd cheered and chanted along with Michelle Malkin and her good sense approach to political problems. She signed copies of her book: “Culture Of Corruption” about the enourmous corruption that surrounds the Obama adminstration. Sure hope the voters show good sense and return America to the right values.

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