In both domestic and foreign affairs the leitmotif of Obama and his adminstrators has been an almost unprecedented lack of ability. Obama and his appointments have the full range of human atributes but those are insufficiently grounded for an American President. Obama demonstrates a tyrannical bent, most likely because of his early experiences which drive him towards ruling, not governing.  Obama was fighting for government to loosen it’s purse strings so his inclination is to continue to see government as the provider of benefits, not as the limited creature envisioned by the Founders. He therfore lacks the abilities, the competence to run America as the Founders expected.

Contrary to the basic values of a free market, Obama attacks the commercial basis for business. Obama is happier providing benefits than defending Liberty. That’s not what the American Presidency was based on. Consequently, Obama is a danger not envisioned by the Founders so there is no check nor any balance in the American system of governance that opposes his anti-Americanism. The founders did not expect an un-American or an anti-American to be running things.

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