It caused the death of the Ambassador to Libya, a friend to the Libyan people and ignited firestorms around the world. The focus of the Obama Doctrine was making America a friend to the cultures and nations that had been oppressed by America before Obama took over. That was a massive error. The Middle East takes advantage of weakness. Sept 11, 2012 was the predictable response that should have been known to Obama and Hillary. 

The riots were the response to American’s policies. Some claim it was in response to a video but the video is a direct result of America’s policies, policies which were written into the Constitution. Individual freedom to make a video of anything without interference from the government is certainly an American policy, the policy that should be defended to America’s enemies. Protection of the producer of the video is the duty of Washington but Obama betrayed that duty. The police collected the individual, the helpless individual. Was it during the night with a knock on the door? Even if it was in broad daylight with a squad of lawyers telling the producer there is a “Right to Remain Silent”, imagine the terror of being helpless in the face of such force as was used against the producer. Imagine the smiles of America’s enemies when their actions were vindicated by the American police.  This is more than outrageous. This is tyranny.

Tyranny born of Ignorance is tyranny nevertheless. Tyranny ~ meaning actions running out of control of the law. Lawless tyranny mis-directed from Washington. Ignorant tyranny in violation of the rights of the producer. Who feels safe now? Lawless ignorance that caused conflagrations in response to the weakness not only of character but of of  black-letter law.

America is based on an easy to grasp Constitution. Obama is a Constitutional Scholar. He has no excuse for being Constitutionally ignorant. Oh wait. If his plan is to punish America then his actions become more rational. Wrong, misguided and outside the law but understandable. Vengence is in charge. Revenge against the people who tortured his grandfather. Payback for the Dreams From his Father. Retribution against the nations friendly to the alleged torturers and frinedship to the America-Hating leaders of the middle east who know how to respond to a wounded enemy.   

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