Propaganda is usually delivered by the media. In the case of the Muslim Occupation of Kosovo, the American, British and European newspapers helped one side conquer the other. In the case of the Wars Against America, the media has been helping one side but it’s not the same people who were victimized in Yugoslavia.

The dirty secret of the media, the secret of reporters and publishers, is the “Hidden Agenda(s)”. If you favor “The Left” in America your news comes from the major T.V. networks, National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting Network, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, The New York Times, Associated Press, Agencie Presse International and thousands of other radio and TV sources. “The Right” in America is essentially Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart and Drudge. Unfortunately for the idea of fair or balanced media, America and the West are dominated by Leftist ideologies so most media follows the culture. A common psychology and pathology rise to prominance and become the National Narritive. Nazism, Communism, Fachism provide clear examples of the dominance of a culture by one set of ideologies. America was supposed to be different but, unfortunately, that’s a false position to hold at the moment. America has been moved to the left.

See some examples Here, Here, Here, Here, HereHere. Six examples should make the case that the media is not to be trusted but the problem is far deeper and more widespread. It’s like the Civil War in America. It’s still taught different in the South by unwitting carriers of a false narrative. Just go there, especially away from the cosmopolitan center of Atlanta and listen for the perjoritive “Yankee”. Go to Little Rock, to Birmingham, to Jackson, Miss., to Memphis, to Decatur, Mobile, the Tennessee Valley and Forrest City, AK but be wary of false narratives, not only the ones against government but the ones favored by the media.

American Government is far different than every other government in the world. It can be corrupted, and it has been corrupted but there’s a safety valve. The people can be free. The American style of government can be set right after it’s overtaken by corruption , by false Messiah’s and by false naratives. Other nations need to overthrow their system before they can change. America needs only to overcome the wrong narrative. In 2012 the narrative of the Left is rooted in communaliam, public service, the adoration of the group and the condemnation of the individual. That narrative is the result of about one hundred and forty years of following Marx. The antidote to the mind-poisoning of Marx is The  Soverign Individual, ~ The American. Unfortunately, the media follows the national script so the people are still mired in leftist propaganda. Dirty Media are not the only problem in America but they are one problem and they manufactured the war against Serbia to favor the Albanians. They helped mis-inform President Clintons wrong decision to support the Albanians. They are busy helping manufacture the War Against Israel and The Jihad Against America but they are being exposed. If you believe you can trust the media, you need to start verifying what you are being told and start questioning every piece of information you come across. Truth can be manipulated. So can Governments, the Media and the other intellectual paths, to cloud your individual mind to get you and other people to act against their own best interests.  

What’s the answer? A correct pholosophy. How can you find that? Start with Metaphysics. Identify the correct view of everything. Try Aristotle. Reject Plato. He’s a mystic. He lived in the real world but wrongly accepted lots of other realities. Aristotle geot it right. There is one reality. There are millions of fantasies but one reality. It’s an Axiom. Reality Exists. Existence Exists and only existence exists. That’s all that exists. Fantasies are mental images that are real for the individual who “sees” them mentally but there is one reality. Then go to Epistemology, the way you think. Reason is the  answer here. Then go Ethics. You have to step in here. Ethics must be based on the highest value. What’s most important? To a living human, it’s their life. Without  their life there’s nothing possible to an individual, a nation or a culture. Then Politics. Political systems need a value to follow. Liberty works. The community doesn’t work as the highest Political Value but that’s what most people follow. Most people get it wrong. That’s the fault of the Left. The individual, “Life”, means a political system suitable for that.

That went entirely too fast but at least think about the correct philosophy as a way to order your life. Dirty Media corrupt the culture by following corrupt philosophy. Corrupt philosophy is just the wrong principles being followed by a culture. Corrupt Media betray Liberty, Life, Reason and Reality, attributes needed to flourish as a human. Don’t let the Left keep winning.

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