Arab Counter-demonstrations against al Qaeda shocked the American Left and show the inability of the Obama Adminstration to get out ahead of the Muslim world.  See here.

       The Left Wing-nut Lame-Stream Media is in full  cover-up because the anti-al-Qaeda demonstrations run against the grain of Obama’s narritive. Obama wants the riots to be exclusively anti-American so he can pour oil on the trouble in the middle east and save humanity. The Jihad is real. Don’t think the Muslim World has suddenly turned Pro-American or that Anti-Semitism is over. Success is hated by most people which explains the animus against America. The Associated Press in another matter. They simply hate America. Their lie, their spin is that al-Qaeda in needed in Libya to help keep order. 

       WHAT! Terorists help keep order? The Associated Press has gone bonkers. That’s what they said. “Authorities need them.” Read it here.

       Back to the hatred of success. Success in usually measured in money and America is seen as the home of the greatest number of successful people. Why do so many people hate Money?  Money, ~ something needed to live in a modern culture, is too often accepted as… evil. The love of money is a thought crime, held to be more evil than money itself. It’s the ROOT of ALL EVIL. Can’t get worse than being the fundamental basis of everything wrong in the universe yet believers in those myth’s abound and they are a danger to humanity.

       So good news from Benghazi is important in the quest for peace in the Middle East and by extension, peace in so many other places where the real evil forces have been upsetting nations since the Munich Massacre 40 years ago.

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