2100 BC was 4,117 years ago when literature started in Babylon with the “Epic of Gilgamesh”. Fast forward to those high school grads who can’t read their diplomas, provide the need for additional police and invest in drugs for sale. Do we have two cultures here? Certain that Ferguson isn’t San Francisco but neither is Ferguson like most other cities in America. Why?
Why are there assimilation ‘matters’ in America. Long after the end of slavery which treated African American’s as slaves, long after the passage and enforcement of anti-segregation laws America remains riven by Race Hate. This is a conversion America needs to happen yet it’s eclipsed by A left-Wingnut Rednecker shooting at Senators; the investigation of non-existent ‘matters’ by the FBI and by a lot of B/S in the media about why Hillary didn’t really lose.

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