The Obama’s income last year was  $790,000, down from $1.7 million in 2010. Why did The Courier Editor excoriate Romney for being rich but give the Obama’s a complete pass in his 9/14/12 Editors Opinion? Well, …. The Couriers base is, unfortunately, with the exception of many Government Workers, Poor or Middle Class. The Editor must pander to their base. The Courier has to appear to hate money because their customers having nothing against their own money but they have been tought to envy and hate those who get more. Capitalism opposes all that so they hate Capitalism too. Capitalism. The political philosophy of America until the beginning of the 20th Century when the Left began to proselytize and teach Americans how to detest Capitalism. They did that because they oppose Liberty. Liberty. The sum of the freedoms that should be protected by government. But government wanted to join the Upper Class, in terms of Culture, Education and Money so they sold their American values and joined, then promoted Marx. The enemy of Marx is the rich. The enemy of Marx is the Intelligensia. The enemy of the Marx is Liberty, personal Liberty and like lemmings going over the cliff, lots of Americans, including Charles Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy, America’s ambassador to England during the time of Hitlers takeover of Europe, joined Marx. They took over The Democratic Party. They took over writing movie scripts with the huge propaganda machine of the Silver Screen. Obama is at the pinnacle of the Left in the World. That’s the hypocricy of the Left. Obama is an intellectual. Obama is rich. Obama is Marxist. Obama hates America and is determined to change what America stands for, to wipe off American values off the earth as called for by his Ayatollah.

That goes too far? No it doesn’t. It doesn’t go far enough. Proof? Read the Editors Opinion. It’s all in there except for the Ayatollah. Proof that Obama follows Islam? Barack is an Arab name. Hussein is too.  Look up Dhimmi here.  Obama and the Editor are paying dhimmitude by supporting the tenents of Marxism. It’s the agreement of the victim to testify against the victim. See Ayn Rands brilliant analysis: “Sanction of the Victim” hereDoes this go too fast for you? If so study the one book that can save America, Atlas Shrugged. Of course it’s written by Ayn Rand, not one of the Couriers misguided, left editors.

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