Obama blamed America, not the Muslims for the trouble in the Middle East. In April of 2009, less then three months into his reign, in Turkey he started to apologize for America.

“The United States is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history,” he went on, referring to the legacies of slavery, segregation and the treatment of Native Americans.In June, Obama delivered a speech in Cairo in which he called for “a new beginning” between the U.S. and the Muslim world.Taken together, such instances became known in conservative circles as the “Apology Tour.”

Still working through Slavery? The end of slavery was being promoted in Europe in 1542. The Abolition Movement caused anti-slave laws in 1780, nine years before America wrote the Constitution in 1789. It’s time to speak out against the false narratives Obama and his ilk are pushing into the brains of unsuspecting votes. Obama still uses the tired, false cliches to stir up race-based  hatred against the White Race, many of whom voted to elect Obama as President. They ignored his race. In fact, several prominent African-Americans believe some whites voted for Obama because he was black. He cannot figure out the gratitude he owes to white people but even if he is blind to his failing, he shouldn’t attack so many Americans who voted for him. Like his failed Apology Tour, the failure witnessed by the embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya along with the planned murders of the American ambassador and three others as well as the wounding of about 23 additional Americans were encouraged by the weak, feckless and appeasing policies of Obama.

The media decided to attack, not the Terrorists who killed and wounded Americans but they attacked Republican candidate Mitt Romney. The press decided he was turning the murder of the Ambassador into a political moment as though a Presidential candidate should remain out of world events but the President can do or in this case, not do what should be done. The media are Obama’s poodle dogs. They trick, cheat and lie. They concoct news and use it to politicize everything in favor of Obama, even when Obama’s appeasement, worse than MacMillians who kept appeasing Hitler until the truth could no longer be denied, is revealed. They go into Big Lie mode. 

Romney forcefully hit back at Obama for “wild and reckless accusations that disgrace the office of the presidency . .. President Obama knows better, promised better and America deserves better.”

Obama has now incited black people and Hispanics to hate white people, poor people to hate rich people, women to hate men, gays to hate straights, workers to hate employers, illegal immigrants to hate citizens, etc. etc. saying, “I don’t think anyone would suggest I’ve tried to divide the country.”  Obama is in fact the most polarizing and the most divisive president in American history bar NONE.  He recently dumped Israel under the bus by refusing to meet with Prime Minster Netanyahu. In Obama’s Muslim driven value system Israel doesn’t count and he’s applauded by the media.

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