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The mobs in Libya and Egypt do not respect the law. If they did they would know murder is a crime that should be punished. Don’t fall for the schtick that it’s a religious war. It’s simplier than that. It’s just gang-bangers who hate America. America has scads of different religions so the Muslims can’t attack “the religion of America”. There simply is no such thing. America has humdreds, probably thousands of religions so America does not have “a religion”. If there is no religion to attack, how could the war against America be about religion?

Oh. You believe it’s about Islam, not about the rule of law? If it’s about Islam, and the enemy is not Muslim, it can’t be a religious war. It’s just a bunch of gangbangers who hate America and who found out that appeasers like the American Left will not only agree with their hatred, it will actively help them against America. Officially America is purely secular. Secular means Not Religious. Of course the Iman’s are whooping up the hate towards America. Does that make it a religious war? How can it be a religious war against the religion of America? America is secular. Sure Americans practice religion, at least about 80% of then say they do, but that means 80% of Americans are religious, not that America is religious. America has followed the idea that politics should be seperate from religion. That doesn’t mean Americans must choose one or the other. It means that religions may not rule as religions in America. There are some things that are so different that they cannot be brought together. Like sticks and holes. Like religion and government. Individuals can follow their religion and vote too. They just can’t vote their religion to become the exclusive religion.

So the mobs in the Middle East are very wrong when they say they can riot and murder so long as they do it in the name of religion. But there’s no religious defense for murder. None. No matter who tells you to murder, it’s still your crime if you do it and the law requires you should be provided due process. Islam did not yet discover “Due Process”. Especially lacking  is the idea of Due Process for each individual. Even when prisoners are captured on the battlefield America follows the proceedres, the pocess of the Military Code. Mobs can’t say that. Murder by a mob is murder with conspiracy added. No one has invented anything more civilized. And lets not waste time on the idea about “whose set of laws”. Even law must follow the rules of reality, the rules of life. Those rules can only be based on the life of the individual. There are no Rules for Mobs despite the efforts of Community Organizers to the contrary. A mob is a number of individuals.

BTW, America is based pn the idea that each individual has rights, not government, not a mob, but each individual. Rights come from the nature of the individual. Mobs therefore have no rights. Mobs have power and government is supposed to stop mobs. That’s another of the ideas which makes America so exceptional.

These arguments may go too fast. If so more study by your goodself is needed, not more writing.

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