Controlling who comes to our country should be up to our country, not to the choices and decisions of other people, cultures or nations. President Obama didn’t agree. His idea and his policies left it up to other countries, cultures and people to decide if they wanted to come to America. the result is the unease of Americans that something is wrong and that it’s more dangerous than ever because there are people who are enemies of not only America but enemies of some of the fundamental issues that underlie America. Issues like Liberty, a fundamental idea that helped create America. Many, many people don’t like the idea that people, individuals, …  should be in charge of their own life.

President Trump agrees that America is in charge of America and Americans can decide who gets to come to America and who doesn’t. He issued an Executive Order that prohibits people from seven countries from entering America unless they love America and want to live like Americans.
A federal judge in Washington State just put a hold on President Trumps Executive Order as the result of a lawsuit by the governor Jay Inslee and his attorney general. The lawsuit was based on religious discrimination against Muslims although Christians are being targeted in the seven countries in the ban.

The judge is very, very wrong. The state of Washington doesn’t have standing to sue the President. The American Constitution doesn’t apply to foreign nationals who have no Constitutionl Rights because they are not citizens. The protection of foreign nationals is the job of the foreign countries, not America.
The judges unconstitutional order will be overturned in short order. the attorney general and the governor should be counter-sued for wasting everyone’s time.

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