Before the Liberals got so much power and changed America into a Socialist culture the idea of needing a government replacement for government Obamacare would have been laughed off the stage. Commercial America started in 1607 in Jamestown but the Pilgrim Steelers brought Socialism to America when they wrote the Mayflower Compact and installed Socialism in 1620.

The Plymouth Rock experiment failed. The pilgrims were forced into a free market economy where individual farmers owned small plots and produced so much extra food a market was established with the overflow. Same thing happened when Obama and his progressive Democrats established socialized medicine in America. Just like Plymouth rock, it failed. But the Republicans aren’t giving up. They want Socialized Medicine Lite so they are keen to tweak Obama’s Socialized Medicine to improve it. they say they want to repeal and replace it but don’t bet more than two pennies they modify Obamacare and call it something else.

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