“Real” women don’t wear pink. Pink, the color associated with girl babies. Pink. . the nursery color. . . .Pink that real women who are far more nuanced about colors won’t wear. Pink hats with ears that belong on children. . . If this is all they have there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes, women are important. Everyone knows that except for some backward troglodytes in the Middle East. America is the place where women have been freed, liberated, and supported except for some crazies who want to decide about part of their nature instead of leaving it up to the women. Pink is definitely not the color for women but hey. America is the best place and the best place to protest.

Why not Red Clown Noses at the next protest to match the kids hats at this one? No Class, no shame, no awareness. Dumb Pinkheads.

Real men don’t wear little blue nursery hats and real women don’t wear sillybub hats.


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