The march was the petulant, almost mindless with rage losers statement to show they hated Trump. Hillary has become synonymous with losing and the Woman’s march was full of Democratic party loyalists outraged they lost. It was full-on about losing. Revenge has many faces from Judas in the bible and it’s various anti-hate  advice statements like “When the ignorant become overwhelmed with what others have done wrong, the idiots become outraged, filled with anger and find themselves consumed with hate. OTC, Marcus Aurelius once said that the best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury. Literature and the movies are full of revenge stories like The Illiad by Homer, followed by, maybe Robin Hood who achieved revenge by stealing money from the government and giving the money to the poor. 

Revenge it is said is sweet and The women marching in Washington were in full-on revenge mode and they won’t stop until Trump is gone. Best estimate is 700,000 in DC and maybe a million or two more around the world, the common denominator of all of the various pleadings is President Trump.

TIME MAGAZINE HEADLINE: . . . “POLITICS, DEMOCRATS . . . Liberals Plot Revenge as Donald Trump Assumes the Presidency.”
Libtards like loser confuser gay David Brock who was targeted with regular death threats, as was his ex-boyfriend, who owns a D.C.-area pizza restaurant who were slandered with fake news stories in what came to be known as Pizzagate, Brock according to TIME intends to double down and update his organizations for the next fight, with new technology, new targets and a singular focus to hobble the Trump Administration at every turn. The Woman’s March made that concrete by showing up in D.C. and falsely billing themselves as “The Progressives” but it was a “WOMAN’S MARCH”, not a “Progressive March”. Wrong at the strart, how successful will they be? Not very. TIME goes on to say it will peter out.

Brietbart headlines: “Anti-Trump Marchers ‘Mostly White’ Women Who Need ‘Therapy’ After Clinton Loss”.
Our advice to them is to save your pink hat, pink is becoming the new color of the anti-Trump protester. But pink is the color of the fight against breast cancer. . .
“The Left” shattered itself into pieces after Hillary lost. They take it personally. Therapy. Get into thereby early. The lines will be going out the door soon. Watch this distraught protester HERE.

Psychotic SNL writer Katie Rich who writes “Weekend Update” the SNL version of “Fake NEWS” viciously attacked 10 year old Barron Trump and should be fired immediately. He’s TEN!!

Equally slimy liberal Hollywood moonbat Rosie O’Donnell began pushing stories that young Barron Trump is autistic.

These are the crazies who are outing themselves lately. Lets get them all away from sharp objects with which they could hurt themselves.

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