The National Drug Threat Assessment discusses the traffickers, concluding that “Mexican gangs remain the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States.Trumps Border Wall will help stop some, hopefully most of the heroin smuggling.

Deaths involving heroin tripled from 2010 to 2014 from 3,036 to 10,574. That’s just heroin. The DEA estimates that in 2015 there were more than 600,000 heroin users in America. There were 55,403 OD’s in 2015. 12,990 were from heroin.

“From The President’s Office Of National Drug Policy: “Controlling borders and ports of entry is vital in order to ensure the rule of law and prevent the flow of contraband — including illegal drugs. All our borders, seaports, and airports are vulnerable to the drug threat. Puerto Rico; the U.S. Virgin Islands; South Florida; the Southwest border; gateway airports in Chicago, Honolulu, Miami, New York, and Seattle; seaports along the Atlantic Seaboard, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific coast; the Great Lakes region; and the land border with Canada have all experienced problems with drug trafficking. By curtailing the flow of drugs across our borders, we reduce drug availability throughout the United States and greatly reduce the consequences of drug abuse and trafficking in our communities. Drug smuggling is an intolerable affront to the nation’s well-being. Countering it is a function that must be performed by federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies.

Drugs are fatal to

“cargo and passengers through ports of entry comply with federal law. Customs is the lead agency for preventing drug trafficking through airports, seaports, and land ports of entry. Customs is also responsible for stemming the flow of illegal drugs into the United States through the air.


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