War Hero John McCain who disowned Trump before the election admits he handed a 35 page fake news document outlining claims by the Kremlin of dirty behavior by Trump as an attempt to blackmail Trump, to the FBI.

In a brief statement McCain said he received the doc’s and gave them directly to FBI Director James Comey because McCain said he was ‘unable to make a judgment about their accuracy’
But Washington reporter Carl Bernstein says an unamed former British ambassador to Moscow handed them directly to Senator McCain

The author of report also gave it to an FBI agent he knew at the FBI’s station in Rome months ago

The phony Report was apparently paid for first by Republican enemies of Trump then paid for by some Democrats.

McCain is therefore dirty for improperly acting to wrongly influence the presidential election. He’s also stupid, lacking in common sense, and driven by bats in the back of his head. Time for him to resign or to be impeached.

And he should have the courage to apologize to Donald Trump. . 

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