They are racialists who celebrate diversity, not success and certainly they are ashamed of whiteness. These people are to the culture the opposite of the Tea Parties. They are a group of isolated, insolent followers of the fabricated world of movies and TV.
From one blogger:

  • I’m not sure how awards shows became a platform for everyone to give their political opinions. Everyone nominated is in the business of entertainment & they’re not political figures. I don’t want to hear their views on politics no matter what they may be. Meryl Streep won a lifetime achievement award & we didn’t hear for one second about her individual career, who she thanks for where she is, or even how hard of a road it may have been to get there. All she cared about was bashing Donald Trump, Football, & for some reason mixed martial arts. Just kinda seemed arrogant to me but who am I.

Why watch nonsense? Who foots the bills for this stuff?

Portman? Wrong look. Wrong face. Can’t get the job done.
Portman has done some great work. Loads of positive attributes. This looks like idiotic casting.

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