Trump-hater Megyn Kelly just helped a bunch of people at FOX after she screwed up her own career at FOX when she bitched at Trump during the Presidential Debate where she tried to do to Donald what Candy Crowley did to Mitt Romney. Kelly referred to Trump as a sexual predator.

Too many people at FOX liked Trump and hated Kelly who almost cried on election night as she realized Trump would win the election. Her relationships with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity in particular had completely broken down, one Fox host revealed. “Bill hated her” was the literal quote.

Now Kelly is gone from FOX and joining the mainstream media where she has a lot of Liberal friends and supporters like Rachel Maddow who don’t like Trump either. Kelly goes to NBC. ‘Raich’ is at MSNBC. A difference without a distinction. “Raich’ is a lesbian while Kelly is very, very Catholic and very, very straight. FOX would probably love to get ‘Raich’ as a host for a show on FOX. The Murdochs would be brilliant if they could hire Marrow to oppose the FOX team.

 Why bring up Rachel Maddow? Because Tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow are competitors. Both are on weekdays at 9 PM. Tucker is a Trump supporter and Raich is a Trump basher. Let’s see how this plays out.

Trump will be a big help to Tucker and to FOX now that FOX got rid of Kelly.

MacCallum? She got a big job as a news anchor replacing Tucker a 7PM, right before Bill O’Reilly. MacCallum is a PolySci grad, sounds good and of course with the ‘blond’ hair looks good like a FOX woman and has been really good as an anchor with Bill Hemmer. This will work great. 

Fox made some teriffic calls getting rid of Kelly who went into a ratings nosedive after going after Trump, then replacing her with rising star Tucker Carlson then replacing him at 7 with MacCallum. This is due to Rodger Ailes and FOX developing a suburb bench of talent.

Kelly made a lot of people happy by leaving and they in turn received major raises along with being given more important assignments at FOX.

Oh. It’s Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson. He co-founded the Right WIng Media Matters website but gave up working on it when he was promoted to replace Greta vanSustern. Tucker said before the election: “Republicans needs to understand that if Trump loses, America will never be the same”.


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