There are about 7,000 Bucks county voters who consider themselves Independent even though registered Democrat or Republican, but there’s no such thing as a tea party. There’s a Tea Party Movement but it’s below the radar at the moment. The Tea Parties and the Political Offshoots like FreedomWorks, AmericansForProsperty, Glenn Becks 9/11 movement and hundreds of other individuals and groups that responded to the wrong direction of the Obama adminstration, the Federal Reserve, and a big government that no longer follows the Constitution never tried to become a political party. Some groups were Astroturfed by the Republicans. Some got closer to the Republican Party on their own, believing the Republicans were not for big government. They soon realized the wrongness of that assumption. Some were infiltrated by the Left, some believe it’s up to the Republican Party and the Romney campaign to defeat Obama, others got frustrated by their inability to affect politics because of the entrenched nature of the two major parties and are just watching and waiting for the election results.

The movements are not dead. The Limits on Government established by the Constitution have been overcome by government but the spirit that caused the rebellion against England in 1776 still lives. It can never die. It can be surpressed by government. It can be driven underground by government but freedom is a part of each individual. It’s the nature of each unique person that causes the noble spirit to rebel against illicet authority. That was Jeffersons message in the Declaration of Independence.Jefferson’s definition of the role of government, to secure and protect Rights, became the new paridigm for Liberty. There’s no way to stop an impulse of nature. Government can try, and it always has as we can witness in Syria and as we saw even in Cuba. Government must supress freedom as Castro did in Cuba and that repression goes on 90 miles from America. Castro started as a reformer but changed when he shot his way to power. He murdered freedom as can be seen in the video below.

The Tea Parties will rise again if Obama is re-elected and they will return to their daily lives if Romney wins because Liberty is part of the nature of each person and Romney is viewed as a protector and defender of Liberty.

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