To make miserable. That’s been Obama’s chief motivation for the past eight years and into the future. Trouble ahead for Obama as he loses power. If the Democratic party keeps him on although they think they don’t have much choice, he will continue to help Trump by making him look good. Obama is misery.
Without Obama Trump would never have been elected President. America’s revulsion with the soon-to-be-ex-president comes far too late. Obama just worked against America by shutting down oil fields, voting against Israel and being the worst man who was ever president. Geert Wilders said to Israel: “Ignore the UN. Build the settlements”.

Obama announced and pledged to keep up his immiseration in America. The man is tone deaf to the voices of the people He lacks empathy as well as a conscience, at least a conscience based on good.

Obama and the Democrat Party have been moving America closer and closer towards the global Caliphate being formed by the United Nations (UN), the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and the newly formed United States Muslim Brotherhood political party, the United States Council of the Muslim Organizations (USCMO)? The United States Council of the Muslim Organizations (USCMO) was established in March 2014, with strong support from the political activism by Muslim Brotherhood-linked operatives in our government, including the open support of the U.S. Department of State! All this deserves hearings in the House and Senate.
Why isn’t tricky Megyn Kelly gone from FOX by now? She has been replaced all week by other smart, likable women so FOX doesn’t need her anymore. Kelly should join little Jimmy Fallon or Seth Myers as a late night comedian. Megyn, you are so over.

Hey Megyn….. RETIRE!!!

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