He should act outside his power as President and submit himself to a brief psychiatric evaluation. His recent series of crazy actions like admitting immigrants from hostile-to-America countries without at least the same amount of caution and review given to prospective gun purchasers; like ordering Russian diplomats to leave for some crazy theory he has about Russia’s so-called “hacking” of American websites; his order for the U.N. Ambassadress Samantha Powers not to vote on what seems to be HIS resolution condemning Israel for doing what American’s did after the Revolutionary war and what every other country did after every other war which was to keep captured territory, and for his seemingly irascible behaviors during the recent Presidential campaign where he said the election was a vote about his policies and which election he lost for his policies and for candidate Hillary.

Enough is enough Mr. President, you are acting crazy. You don’t need to take a psychiatric examination. That’s your call but we would advise it because if you are acting delusional there may be some medical help available for you and you should take it. You should consult with Michell to see what she thinks although you are married so she may not be willing to tell you what you have been doing wrong recently. Married people can act that way but for your own good as well as the good of American’s and many others around the world, seek help.

Friends don’t let friends go crazy if it’s helpable.