It doesn’t matter whether or not you are Jewish but whether you support justice. Israel is a rather small part of the world but it’s surrounded by enemies who want to murder each and every Jewish person especially in Israel. Of course the civilized world cannot agree with that idea. the question is how affirmatively must someone act to prevent the death of Israel?
Obama’s indifference to Israel’s safety reveals a moral problem for Obama. Morality is a set of rules to guide decisions. There is only one morality for an individual. A moral code requires a mind to discover and follow a moral code. Groups do not have morality even though they claim to live according to a certain moral code because there is no such thing as a group mind.

There is only reason based morality. One rule: to live. The rest of a moral code proceeds from these. To live, an individual must hold three things as the supreme and ruling values: Reason; Purpose; and Self-esteem.

These three values require all of an individuals seven virtues, and all 7 virtues pertain to the relation of existence and consciousness. They are: rationality, independence, integrity, honesty, justice, productiveness, pride.

How many of those elements does Obama get wrong? Probably all seven if a lawyer were to analyse his actions but so far as Israel in concerned, Obama fails miserably to use Justice. Further, Obama does not believe Israel should exist but he is afraid to say that or to work 100% for the destruction of Israel because he lives in America which would immediately remove him from office should he say that.

Nevertheless, Obama is and always will be anti-Israel because he is pro-Muslim.

Lets be careful her not to include every Muslim in the anti-Israel category but lets be cardful too to include all those who hate Israel and want to see Sharia law instead of Israeli law in Israel. Even among the Muslim community in America that sentiment is far too high to comport with American beliefs. Sharia is incompatible for example with freedom and liberty as identified in America’s founding documents. Israeli’s aren’t.

Israel is a highly effective ally in the fight to defend and protect America. The Israelis do more than any other country in the world to oppose the imposition of the jihadi vision and Sharia law. Unfortunately Europe is succumbing. Witness the millions of Muslims who have streamed into the European countries. Obama has been doing the same.

The rest of us know that our alliance with Israel helps keep America safe.


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