It’s common sense that two nations cannot share a nation. Same for the nonsensical idea that there is a two state solution for Israel; Jerusalem or the West Bank. It’s the time proven idea of “Either / Or”.

That’s why the American’s went into the Revolutionary War. There was no “Two State Solution” for the first Americans. Jefferson spoke for America when he refused a two state solution with the English king and wrote then signed this in the Declaration of Independence: “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.” the same should be illuminated for Israel especially in the West Bank that was captured in the Six Day War even though there was no controlling nation that claimed title to the West Bank territory.
Trump has little intention of seriously supporting the creation of a Palestinian state within or as part of the West Bank.
Russia changed the status of the Crimea when Putin took it from Ukraine. Trump must support Israel by supporting not only settlements in the West Bank but changing the maps to include it as part of Israel.
There never has been acceptance within Islam for a two state solution in Israel. The consequence will have to be prepare for war over Israel or support it’s annihilation. There’s no middle ground possible. Thomas Jefferson knew that when he negotiated with the Muslim Pirates. It’s either you stop or we fight and we intend to win.

The Muslim war against Israel has NO SOLUTION. Trying to solve a problem that has no solution is impossible. The world must realize it’s Either / Or. Either Israel exists or Israel is destroyed. There’s no third choice.

Trump realizes that. So does Obama which is why he’s been supporting the Muslims war against Israel. Trump won’t do that. We’re with Trump.

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