Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Compares Affirmative Action To Slavery, Jim Crow, And Japanese Internment

Fox Segment Asks: “Is Affirmative Action Racist?”
‘You’re getting wrecked, son’ says Tucker Carlson as he debated affirmative action with Jay Chen, an American born man of Taiwanese born parents, and a Harvard graduate. Chen received an NROTC scholarship to attend Harvard University with his tuition being paid by taxation on American taxpayers but Chen is supportive not only of Socialism but also of the Mainland Chinese.

He pushed for and the school board approved a program, called Confucius Classroom that was sponsored by the Chinese government’s Chinese Language Council International. Chen said: “Asian Americans are being exploited, and not to the Asian American community’s benefit,” said Jay Chen, a Harvard Alumnus and Mt. San Antonio College Trustee, at today’s press conference that opposed a lawsuit to dismantle Affirmative Action.

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