Republicans and Democrats are political labels, party labels, labels that indicate in a loose way some of the government principles a person supports.

Capitalist and Socialist are systems of government. Capitalism requires Liberty. Socialism does not. Socialism not only opposes private property, it denies it should exist. It is against the idea of individual ownership. Socialism demands nothing belongs to an individual. Socialism is based on control of each individual by the government. It is not based in freedom. In a state of nature, a culture based on no government at all, individuals have a sense of ownership, of things that belong to them. They know the money they earn belongs to them. They know they are not a mob but a unique mind that should not be stopped from creating, acquiring and living. They know government must protect individuals against the world – which is part of the reason government must exist.

Communism and Fascism are variation of Socialism. Western Socialism requires re-distribution of money from people who earn it to people who do not earn it. That’s part of the reason Socialism is against the nature of people. It’s in the nature of people to be free to act as they decide. Socialism requires force to implement and maintain because it is against the nature of an individual therefore the individual must be forced to act against their best interests.   

Capitalism is based on the nature of the individual. Capitalism requires government be as small as possible. America was based upon and founded upon the principle of Limited Government. The Soviet Union was founded on the principle of Total government control.

People who support Totalitarianism cannot support Capitalism. Dictators must dictate to individuals because that’s the nature of a dictatorship. “You Must Do This” is the basis of Totalitarinaism which underlies all Socialist schemes.

People who oppose freedom must oppose America. Those who act against the values of America, those who support Socialism which is against human nature must destroy Liberty which is the foundation of America. Those destroyers are Enemies of America. That pretty much includes the Left and the present day Democrats who want to make everyone equal in wealth so they must first collect the money from people who own it. That’s immoral and pretty much covers the Enemies of America. They follow a Kenyan-American. That’s bad for America.  

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