Ivanka’s mother was born in Zlin, Moravia,¬†Czechoslovakia. That makes Ivanka part Moravian. Ivanka however is 100% American because she was born right here in America.

Melania however is 100% Slovenian Yugoslavian, raised in the very small town of Sevnica, in Slovenia’s Lower Sava Valley. At the time of her birth in Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia was a full Socialist state in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia but she is something a bit more than an immigrant. She decided and chose America as her homeland. She is a full American citizen since 2006.

Melania is only the second foreign-born First Lady of the United States, following the patriot¬†Louisa Adams in 1825 who was born in London of American parents. Melania is the first First Lady not to have been born a citizen of the United States. She is as tall as Michelle, 5′ 10″. Melania certainly is the most “linguistically gifted” first lady – (she is fluent in four languages),- quadrilingual.

She is also 24 years younger that her husband.

These two American women will bring a glamor to the White House and the American political scene never seen before. Jacqueline Kennedy of course was possibly the most elegant First Lady and “Jackie” was and is loved around the world.

Ivanka may be the richest First Daughter ever. Melania most certainly is the most rich First Lady with a personal wealth that she shares with her President . husband, their son Barron and the owners of the Trump Organization.

Jimmie Carter and his wife shared the White House with their daughter Amy. Bill Clinton with Chelsea and Obama with Melia and Shasa. Will Ivanka live in the White House? Probably yes even after Melania decamps from Manhattan.

Donald is very close to his five children, their spouses and their eight children, his grandchildren. He has been closer to daughter Ivanka than to daughter Tiffany and Donald is certainly close to his sons Donald Jr. and Eric but Ivanka seems to be close because of the special father-daughter bond that occurs naturally. that gives a special gravitas to Ivanka, making her more powerful than can be imagined because she is political.

Melania seems to shun the political scene because she desires to concentrate on Barron, her only child. She plans to move to Washington when Barron’s school year is complete, sometime in 2017. No matter, she is Donald’s wife and pays a lot of attention to her relationship with him, their son Barron and the rest of Donalds extensive family which includes two ex-wives, five children, their 4 spouses, Tiffany is not yet married and their eight children. That’s 17 people in Donald’s “direct” family plus the two ex-wives, and Melania’s parents who are frequent visitors from Yugoslavia to their daughter and her husband.

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