Three Bucks County Law Enforcement officials have been indicted and “Perp Walked” on conspiracy and money laundering charges according to an indictment by a Federal Grand Jury and FBI press releases.
The “Indictment” was obtained by government agents who failed to present the mitigating circumstances to the Grand Jury. The case was invented then created by four or more law enforcement organizations, viz., (1) the Internal Revenue Service’s criminal investigations unit, (2) the FBI, (3) the Department of Homeland Security and (4) the Pennsylvania State Police. It is being prosecuted by (5) the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

But the five agencies of the Federal Government may themselves have illegally conspired by using known criminals to illegally deceive, ensnare and trap the three law enforcement officials who were thereby tricked into believing they were helping investigate a criminal conspiracy, never suspecting the IRS, the FBI DHS, and the PA State Police were the first offenders.
Let’s not get down on the police. They are necessary to make sure the citizens follow the many, many, perhaps too many laws of the state and the national government. They are also responsible to follow the laws. They must not break the laws on the way to catch lawbreakers nor should they uses deciept and lures to fool innocent people into situations that appear to be one thing but are Trojan horses to trick trusting people into committing crimes while believing because they were tricked into believing that they were doing the right thing.

Should the so-called perpetrators have arrested the arresters?

law enforcement should never, ever set up phony events to lure innocent people into committing crimes .

The IRS, the FBI DHS, and the PA State Police admittedly lied and committed fraud to get their arrests which they uwse to burnish their records which gets them raises. Those lies and frauds are in the indictment although they are deeply hidden in the words.

That’s disgusting, disgraceful and wrong.

Even worse, the IRS, the FBI DHS, and the PA State Police lied to a Grand Jury about the treachery that tricked the unsuspecting citizens of the Grand Jury into ignoring the crimes of the IRS, the FBI DHS, and the PA State Police while they did what the the IRS, the FBI DHS, and the PA State Police wanted. The IRS, the FBI DHS, and the PA State Police got the criminal actions of the Federal Agencies approved by the Grand Jury. That’s a misuse of the process.
Government must never engage in illegal behavior. Never. Nor should government officials take bribes or engage in money laundering.
The arresting agencies then they used ommission to trick a Grand Jury into believing a judge, a police chief and a constable tried to launder money so the FBI could arrest them. That’s KGB Staalinesque and it’s behavior that doesn’t belong in America. .

Now the media is piling on the district justice, the police chief and a constable which ruins their lives. What happened to “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”? What has happened to justice under the law when the FBI can trap three people to improve their own job performance and get raises and bonuses for themselves by arresting tricked people?

No wonder people are frustrated and fed up with government. No wonder Donald Trumps message to drain the swamp was popular and got him elected.
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