What’s up with Ayn Rand’s preternatural influence over Donald Trump? She wrote two important novels, works of fiction, “Atlas Shrugged and “The Fountainhead.” The incoming Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson listed Atlas as his favorite book in a 2008 interview for Scouting Magazine.

Atlas Shrugged is a mighty book. Start with it’s 1,088 pages. On to it’s major character John Galt who gives a very philosophical radio address that tells the world why he removed the major producers from society which caused chaos as the people were not able to get along without the producers.

But what the Left mostly hates about the book is Rand’s idea that the individual, not the state is the highest value. Her ideas of morality, it’s virtues, Honesty, Integrity, Independence, Rationality, Justice, Productiveness, and Pride which Aristotle considered a crown of the virtues.
Trump won the election but more people voted for Hillary so he doesn’t have “a mandate”. What he does have is extremely good management abilities as well as deal making skills, no baggage because he used his own money and he came up with some brilliant political arguments and positions. That won him the Presidency.

All he has to do to get a mandate from the people is do things that please the people. For example, millions of senior citizens are outraged they didn’t get a raise in their social security payments for 2017 because of President Obama even though their cost of living went up. If President Trump gets them a large raise for 2018 he will immediately become very, very popular.

The Ayn Rand connection with Donald Trump is via the main character in Atlas, John Galt, a man who knew how the entire system worked and was brilliant enough to stop it to get the attention of the world. He showed how corrupt things were. Same as Trump. John Galt gathered capable people around him and persuaded them to go on strike against the system to show the people how their leaders were incapable. Same as Trump has been doing. When Rand’s fictional system collapsed, the capable leaders and John Galt were able to re-start the system just as Trump plans to do by draining the swamp and replacing the failed system with a capable one run by the capable people he puts in charge.

Ayn Rand / Donald Trump. Here’s to them. Here’s to Making America Great Again like John Galt did in Atlas Shrugged. /span>

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